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SNAP LOK architectural, compression-seam
metal roof panel, designed for installation
over solid deck.


Architectural Integrated Metals, Inc.
1724 Northside Industrial Pkwy
Columbus, GA 31904
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Product information:


Standing-seam SNAP LOK panels are
available with rib stiffeners or flat-surface
design. Excellent for designs involving
mansard overhangs for retail storefronts
or for architectural roof applications.
SNAP LOK panels can be installed over
solid metal or wood decks. The panels
seam using an innovative and well-tested
compression lock seam. Panels are
available in 12”, 16” and 18” widths for
flexible and attractive design. Rib heights
available 1” or 1.5” to achieve desired look.

Roof covering for new and for re-roof
applications. Slope requirements minimum
3:12 for 1” rib or 1 ½” slope on 1.5” rib.
SNAP LOK panels are available in pre-painted
24- gauge galvalume, meeting CRRC, Energy
Star and LEED standards. Available for wall
applications, equipment screens
or vertical fascia installations.


SNAP LOK panels are LEED certified with a
minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled
galvalume steel. Each panel features a cool
paint finish of Fluoropon ® PVDF SR Reflective
with 70% KYNAR®. The GRADE 50 (50ksi)
and (65psi) steel coil comes in AZ55 bare
or AZ50 painted Fluoropon® with 70% KYNAR®.
Fixed clips consist of 18-gauge steel with a
maximum panel length of 40’.

“Oil-canning” is an industry- accepted condition
and is not cause for rejection. SNAP LOK utilizes
a compression seam. Technical data available
upon request.


Hemmed attachment of all panels, removing
all exposed fasteners at eave, rake, ridge or valley.

SNAP LOK 1.5” p anels have been tested for
UL 580 construction and for Class A, ASTM E
108 Fire, Florida Product Approval and UL
Test for Impact Resistance (hail). Data available
on request.

SNAP LOK systems offer the best material
and paint finish warranties. All warranty
documentation provided upon request.


All contractors must be ACE certified for all
warranted projects. Re-certification required
every three years. All inspections by third-party
Registered Roof Consultants, (RCI).


Flashing materials are available in 22-, 24-
and 26-gauge 50,000 psi yield, following
SMACNA guidelines. (ASTM A446-76 Grade 50)

SNAP LOK panels are available in
Fluoropon® KYNAR® or Weather-X silicone
polyester finishes.

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